elect Mickey Moore
9th Ward City-Council

Effectively and actively recognizing all forms of police abuse of authority, including all "in-custody" incidents.

Expanding and improving the manner in which the community is allowed to oversee specific abusive incidents, and overall police practices.

Significant improvements and upgrades to police training, policies and practices.

Meaningful budgetary restructures that allow for a diverse application of new and improved programs.

Ending the full-time use of "Attack Dogs" as police accomplices.  From the holocaust to the civil rights era, the very concept is an outdated vestige of racist oppression.

Determining the appropriate number of officers in our dept. and expanding diversity in recruitment and targeting a larger variety of people, with a specific emphasis on members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the physically challenged, immigrants, minorities and women.

A comprehensive and effective system of community legal assistance and rehabilitiation within a fully-funded and comprehensive restorative justice division.

Operating with a true departmentwide understanding of the connection between policing and Social Justice.  

Instituting an effective, unarmed, community-based, "Peace Patrol".  A fullly staffed, trained and integrated division of our police dept. which handles all the non-violent and non-criminal, public assistance issues.

Properly and completely funding the Police dept. and communicating closely with the community about what that really means, who is affected and how the dept. operates.

Call me to hear details of the ideas that will drastically improve our public safety dept.

Policing and Social Justice Reforms

A cornerstone issue of our campaign and the single largest concern I hear about when I speak to folks in the 9th Ward, is how to resolve the issue within our district regarding the significant rift between the police and the community.  This isn't just about what happened to George Floyd, but rather, the larger and more systemic issues that have existed for a long, long time.  Complicated issues involving social justice and public safety. It's true that we absolutely need more police officers, but it's also true that not every 911 call requires an armed officer response.  SO, we have some intelligent solutions that call for real leadership. 

It's no coincidence that the last 2 people who have been killed by the police were both black men and both incidents occurred in the 9th Ward. At the same time, it's important that we stress this important and critical point. Any idea of "Defunding" or "Abolishing the Police" has never been anything more than political rhetoric, designed to excite the frustrated masses into supporting some particular political candidate. It's not realistic, it's not reasonable and most of all, it's not a solution. In many ways, the promotion of that misguided concept represents a failure of leadership, and an example of what is wrong with politics in our city today.

The good news is that we do have solutions. An intelligent set of responses that we can apply almost immediately to begin the process of moving back towards cooperation and trust between our residents and the public safety agency that serves the city.  These updates, reforms or changes can be divided into 2 basic components. 1.) improved methods which eliminate the tragic end result of violent interactions between police and residents.  And 2.) critical and meaningful "gestures of reparation" which directly focus on restoring the community's faith and trust in the criminal justice system.  While many of these summary points are a chance for us to begin a more complete and comprehensive discussion, they are are also meant to be seen as real opportunities for us to work together to create a better and safer system of policing.

Ending the generations old practice of "random" traffic stops by armed officers, thereby eliminating the largest threat to police and citizens. Ending fleeing vehicles, foot pursuits, dangerous pullovers, racial profiling, traffic congestion, rights violations, and all the associated, and often unintended, critically negative results of this outdated method.  

Below are several specific issues Mickey will press for in his effort to reform our policing system!

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