Personal Statement

Friends and residents of Ward 9.  My name is Mickey Moore.  Many of you know me as the guy who singlehandedly created the professional hair braiding industry in Minnesota.  The Braid Factory is celebrating its 25th year as the area’s most popular hair braiding salon, and that wouldn’t be possible without your support.  For the last several months, I’ve been speaking with our residents and business owners about the issues and concerns facing our community.  While the individual problems are as varied and diverse as our own community, the overwhelming common denominator is our tragic lack of responsive and interactive leadership.  More than ever, our city needs an experienced, professional and responsive leader who has a proven track record of turning significant obstacles into true success. My decades of business experience, positively serving our local community and bringing targeted economic opportunities to the chronically underserved will be incredibly helpful as we work together to rebuild and revitalize our commercial districts.

















We all know that the biggest concern facing 9th Ward residents are the complex issues of police reform, public safety and the associated Social Justice implications.  So we have developed several solution-oriented strategies, reforms and restructures that we will work to implement immediately upon election.  A combination of significant and meaningful changes that will result in a more responsive and effective public safety, (such as a an unarmed, “Peace Division” that handles nonviolent and noncriminal calls for assistance, composed of dedicated and caring professionals trained in mental health, resource allocation and de-escalation techniques…) as well as “gestures of reparations” directed at restoring the public faith and trust between the community and our police.  (such as ending the use of attack dogs as police accomplices and an immediate independent review into all past fatal police encounters…)














I was born and raised in South Minneapolis and I have experienced the violent and unfair practices and policies of our policing system. As your city councilmember I will bring a deep commitment to the issues of Social Justice and police reform. I also have a many decades long understanding of how we can move towards economic equality through inclusion, education and opportunity. There are many elements of our local political system that are dysfunctional, counterproductive and in need of significant reform and restructuring. Not the least of these are the exorbitant salaries afforded to city council members and other local elected and appointed officials. To this end, I pledge to donate 50,000 dollars from my salary to local community nonprofits and assistance agencies. (including the local branch of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, The Family Partnership, the Pillsbury House and Theater, among several others)
































Although we have a lot of serious problems facing our Ward today, I want the people of the 9th Ward to be reassured in knowing that there truly are intelligent solutions for ALL of these issues. I hope to earn your vote on Nov. 2nd, because I understand that we need disciplined and trusted professionals that know how to bring people together to work to solve our problems and implement intelligent solutions without always devolving into arguments and partisan political grandstanding. I urge you to join me in working together to make our Ward and our city stronger, safer, more prosperous, more inclusive, more just and more peaceful for everyone. For our families, for our neighbors and for our future. We need more and we deserve more. Join me by going to and contacting me to get involved in our campaign and in creating a better future today.

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