Weekly newsletter of Mickey Moore - Issue #1

    In our very first issue, we’ll tackle one of the most complicated and controversial topics we address…Social Justice and Police Reform. We have developed strategies and restructurings that comprehensively get to the root of all the problems associated with the idea of public safety and appropriate policing of our city. Yes, it takes some time to read the 17 point, 40+ page complete report. We will have short videos available soon,

    (like the one at the bottom of the page…)

    but if you can just understand the basic summary concepts, we’ll have a great platform from which to begin a real discussion about the critical problem.


    Please…Go to our website weneedmoore.org and look into the details for yourself. My contact information is always available on EVERY page of my website. You can e-mail, message or call me ANYTIME. In fact, I want you to. (then try contacting any other city-council person…good luck with that…)


    Police dept. reforms (complete report) - weneedmoore

    Police dept. reforms (complete report) - weneedmoore

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    Community Involvement and Representation

    Community Involvement and Representation

    We still need help getting people involved. making people aware. spreading the word and discussing concerns and upcoming policies. Please, I include my information with every presentation because I WANT you to contact me. My name is Mickey. Call me anytime.


    In the meantime, your assignment this week is to pass along this newsletter opportunity to as many people as you can. They do not have to live in the 9th Ward, Minneapolis or even Minnesota. That’s not the point right now. We’re looking for as many intelligent eyes as we can find to help us with feedback, suggestions, critiques and ideas that will propel this concept forward.



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