elect Mickey Moore
9th Ward City-Council

The Mickey Moore Story

We Need Moore

Mickey was born in 1969, the son of a single mother.  Raised in poverty, he went to a total of 7 different public and private schools and attended the University of Minnesota. He ventured into business at age 19, and by age 25, had already established what would become the most popular exclusive hair braiding salons in the country. 




















As a state high school champion athlete, Mickey was gifted many opportunities.  Now, after essentially retiring, getting married, having a child and travelling the world including living abroad for several years
















he is focused on doing what he can to make life better for our next generation.  Mickey is a proven and successful business owner who has purposefully worked to provide economic opportunites for African Immigrant women for over 25 years.  "Equal and fair access to education and opportunity is what empowers our ability to achieve our goals."  Our city isn't suffering form a lack of ideas, solutions or promise, but rather a near-total VOID of LEADERSHIP.  Mickey will begin to fill that void with solution-oriented implementaion of real and signifcant reforms and restructures of our basic foundations of prosperity. Someone with proven succes, to help create a successful situation for everyone.

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