elect Mickey Moore
9th Ward City-Council


Unlike the vast majority of politicians who love to talk about how smart they are or how much they know and understand people, this is a great opportunity for me to go into detail about what I don't knowWhile I obviously have a lot of connections and exposures with all different types of people, including plenty of people within the LGBTQIA+ community, I would  never consider myself some kind of expert or speak as if I understood these issues as someone who lives their experience.  This is why I have several known members and leaders from this important commuity as policy advisors for our campaign, and plan to bring the same voices into our representation and administration on the city council.  We want everyone to fully understand that have a true ally in city hall.  Someone who knows and understands them, and is looking out for their specific interests.  
























That said, what that means is that I really rely on the direct help and cooperation of people from within that community. To work with us on those issues which concern them and which are too often avoided, ignored or mishandled. Some issues are more complicated than other, and include issues such as Conversion Therapy, Housing and Job Discrimination, Prison Placement Discrimination based on Gender Identity, the Constitutionality of Govt. Involvement in Marriage, Controversial Public Education Curriculums, and so many others.  As your representative of the 9th Ward, I want to stress that the best way to work together on these issues will be for everyone to step forward and offer their expertise, experience and assistance, especially in those communities that already have a great leadership structure.  It would be far too easy for me to act like I'm already so compassionate and so attentive to the needs of each particular group of constituents we have in the 9th Ward, but that's neither honest, nor helpful.  We need honesty first and foremost in this new era of political representation and I won't begin by making false claims about my amazing tolerance, my history of inclusion or my exceptionally open minded approach.  Yes, I believe in and embody all of those ideals absolutely, but let's be fair and real about it.  How could I possibly already know everything about a community that I am technically not a part of? The answer is, I can't and I don't.  And I want to make sure that I'm always including the very people who know the most and have the most to gain and offer regarding these issues, so that we never miss any important opportunities or make any meaningful mistakes.


I hope that people recognize that this sort of refreshing honesty isn't a failure, but rather a source of true strength.  While other, typical politicians stand before you and lie about how "they already know", and "they totally get it", or "they feel your pain", or "I know what's like to be the outsider".  In a desperate effort to get your vote, politicians love to be able to somehow relate their own lives to every last possible voter. When the simple reality is, they can't.  They are lying, just like politicians lie about so many other things.  They lie to you and they lie to themselves.  They lie just to get your votes.  Meanwhile, what they're really saying is that they don't want or need your opinion. They don't want or need to include you personally in what they're doing, because "they've got it all handled...all by themself".  Well, I'm saying just the opposite.  If you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and you'd like to get involved in a new form of representation that deals directly with the people and their needs and concerns, then please, contact us today to become a part of our operation.  We do want and need you.  Your input and experience will be invaluable to us both during our campaign, and much more importantly, after we are elected.  We are absolutely committed to bringing members of the LGBTQIA+ community with us to help lead this city as critical upper-level policy advisors and staff members.  Thanks for your support and I really hope to be able to talk to you in person soon. 

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