elect Mickey Moore
9th Ward City-Council

First of all, this issue represents yet another plain and obvious case of plenty of soutions, but no political will to achieve our common goals.  This issue represents precisely the type of no-brainer issue that 100% of elected officials should be able to agree on and solve. Yet here it is, costing us a fortune, and still getting worse everyday.  

There's no question that homelessness increases criminal activity.  Whether it's at-risk youth, or chronic addiction, mental health or pure desperation.  The distance between poverty and crime is always shorter.

Homelessness affects children, and in America, we should never allow children to suffer for any reason.  Across our country, tens of thousands of children are experiencing homelessness, and in Minnesota, there are an estimated 6,000 homeless children each and every night.

We have the money, and we have the solutions to end this problem.  What we lack are politicians with the motral fortitude to openly demand that we commit to solving this problem.  Homeless people don't vote, so many politicians won't risk their careers to work hard on their behalf.

Aside from not solving this poblem, we're actually allowing it to get worse. Much worse.  So, this is yet another critical issue, (like climate change and the national debt) that we're pretending doesn't exist, that we're forcing our future generations to have to clean up. 

We have a very complete and complex position paper on this subject.  Click the button below to take a deep dive into the homelessness issue including real, meaningful and reasonable SOLUTIONS.  But, in short, this is another reason why we need to elect Mickey Moore.  Mickey isn't going to ignore or forget about anybody, or let an entire group of Americans continue to suffer needlessly when we have plenty of real, working ideas that can end this scourge.  Dealing with the homeless issue isn't just a matter of lame, political rhetoric and soundbytes designed to make politicians appear as though they care. The truth is, if they really cared, this wouldn't still be an issue.

Homelessness- why is it still an issue...?

America has been dealing with this issue since the Great Depression.  Why?  Charitable Organization, nonprofits and philanthropic foundations have been offering solutions for this problem since the end of WW II.  The contributing factors are all well-known to us; drug and alcohol addiction, a lack of prison reform, economic hardships, and mental health issues, etc.  At all levels of government, we throw money away at all portions of this problem.  It's not easy to trace and track all of the money, but best estimates have us at more than 4 Billion dollars in the latest 12 month period.   (or, enough to give 100,000 homeless people an annual salary of $40,000 each)  We're pouring money into criminal incarceration, rehabilitation, mental wellness programs, veterans services, affordable housing projects, job training, diversion programs, case workers, financial assistance, and much, much more.  So why haven't we, the richest country on the planet, been able to muster the political will to resolve this problem once and for all time...?  Please allow me to explain...

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