elect Mickey Moore
9th Ward City-Council
9th Ward City-Council

Community Involvement and Representation


Unlike many of our more recent representatives, who selectively care about only those people that most benefit them directly, Mickey Moore will be representing everyone in the 9th Ward.  Voters and non-voters, Democrats, Republicans, independents and unaffiliated individuals.  Religious and non-religious, Elementary School students, High School students, College students, the elderly, the unemployed, the insured and the uninsured, unions and non-union workers, the wealthy and the homeless.  The typical council person will purposefully neglect to recognize individual needs because they are solely beholden to their own very narrow and specific agenda.  The reality is, the lack of effective and accurate representation hinders our collective empowerment.  When faced with a choice between a constituent's idea and their own idea, most politicians don't even consider that a choice.  They choose themselves 100% of the time.  By supporting public and private partnerships, by involving local organizations, foundations, charities and nonprofits, our administration will amplify everyone's voice and the collective goals we all share for our district.  We will institute unparalleled processes of communication.  For example, a interactive website that both disseminates and gathers critical issue information.  A local Ward Office locations that allows immediate representational access to all constituents to advocate cooperatively, educate themselves about current city issues and affairs, find resources and solutions, and discuss personal issues of concern.  Working together with individuals as well as faith-based and non-profit organizations to bring forward all of the efforts and goals we're striving to achieve and use the publicity of our past successes to further strengthen our future efforts.


I want to touch on these details so that people have an idea of what things will be like before they ever happen.  Then, in the future, you can compare our original plans and goals with the reality of what we do.  Minneapolis city council people have a small staff, opportunities for internships, and a lot of very direct responsibilities. (though, not every person lives up to these...) Sharing leadership through diversity and inclusion. We will create an office force of strong individuals working together for the 9th ward.  We will place a strong emphasis on involving minorities, women and especially women of color.  We will guarantee religious diversity, representation from both the experienced, older community and the newest young and talented people, LGBTQIA+ community members, Native Americans, Asian Americans, African and Hispanic immigrants.  So as to properly and inclusively reflect the remarkable diversity of our ward.  I consider it absolutely critical that everyone feels that they have a true representative involved in the administration of the city-council position of the 9th ward of Minneapolis. Both at the downtown offices, as well as the larger, more accessible and community-oriented new office we will create, right here in our ward.   


This is why it's so important that you vote for Mickey Moore. You will absolutely be responsible for changing the way the 9th Ward is represented.  And, in time, precisely due to our fine example, the way many Wards and Districts around the country transform themselves and their representation.  We cannot continue to stand by for more "business as usual", phony and self-aggrandizing efforts, meaningless rhetoric and political theater.  When you elect Mickey Moore you will be getting someone who cares deeply about you and your issues and someone who will be absolutely responsive and responsible to you directly.  Rather than the typical (Mis and Missed) representation of the past, you will be getting something brand new and much better.  If we really want something better for our city, then we'll have to think, act and make a commitment to behaving outside of traditional political boxes.  Now, I'm completely committed to and prepared to do exactly that, and to make this work, I'll need you to make that same commitment.

Again, I want to encourage anyone reading these statements to feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns, ideas, problems and offers of support and assistance. Remember, in 2020, we didn't want your money, because it didn't make sense at that time.  But 2022 is different. We absolutely plan to win and we do need your help to spread the word and create a wider base of committed supporters.  Thank you in advance for everything you do to help us and to help our Ward and our city achieve our goals.

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