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9th Ward City-Council
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We need to establish true partnerships with private sector industries, nonprofit foundations and non-governmental organizations whose principle focus it is to increase economic equality.  This includes banks and financial companies.  One of the themes of my campaign has always been that, GOOD SOLUTIONS ALREADY EXIST.  What we need are leaders with the political will to recognize and implement smart and successful ideas. (even when they come from outside sources...)
We need to reinvent (or reinvigorate) the concept of "trade schools", including high school classes and courses that properly and functionally prepare young people for a legitmate career.  Accounting, auto mechanics, nursing, cosmetology, customer service, computer engineering and many others.  These are all growth fields that can be solutions for a significant percentage of young people, whose unemployment and underemployment levels are traditionally much higher than other groups, and a leading cause of counter-productive lifestyle choices.
We need to partner with our U.S. representatives and senators to craft and execute new federal legislation and funding that works directly to revitalize our economic mechanisms, specifically, small businesses.  In the most recent 5,000+ page bill, MPLS. residents got nothing above minimum aid.

Business Plan for our City

Let me be clear about this critical point.  Owning and operating a business in the city of Minneapolis is something I've done since the early 1990's.  I have experience and success in figuring out how to start and grow economic vehicles throughout the greater metro area. Right now, we need people with real expertise and leadership in this area.  The situation for our residents has never been more critical and yet, filled with unlimited potential and opportunity. The worst thing we could do is follow a tradition of letting outside financiers and greedy profiteers swoop in and take advantage of the vulnerble position previous officials have helped create.  SO, I have established this simple formula for us to follow as a city, in order to both solve our curent problem, as well as establish an intelligent format and platform for success which we can follow as we move forward towards real prosperity and inclusion.
For decades, city, county, state and federal govts have always made the claim that they "cannot get involved with local businesses".  That is of course, until or unless those businesses have so much money that it is in the municipalities "best interest" to take an active role, then suddenly, they become aggressively concerned.  When it's a NFL owner, no subsidy, handout, tax break, or levy is off the table. It's long overdue that we applied a fair, just and equal premium on being interested in businesses at every level.  To that end we need a complete overhaul concerning city ordinances, and even state laws regarding doing business in Minneapolis.  From food trucks, to flea markets, to garage sales, to home sales, and renting.  We need a complete, 100% comprehensive and thorough restructuring of the concepts behind many of our outdated, archane and systemically biased business laws, rules and regulation.  (As a fantastic example of how the city needs to work directly with the residents to achieve successful economic projects, we need only look at the East Phillips Indoor Farm Project Initiative.  For more details, click on the Green Button below..)





For a much more complete and comprehensive breakdown of what we can do to improve economic conditions throughout our ward and the city, please click on the button below.

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