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Mickey has real solutions!!!

4600-Chicago Ave. So. 

Mpls., MN 55407



Mickey is a non-partisan and unbiased advocate for the people. Not commited or dedicated to only following the popular party rules or directions.  


Unlike many of the current elected officials, he is NOT POLITICAL.  He will never place politics over people.


Mickey was born on the Southside of Minneapolis.  He went to the public and private school here.  He opened his most successful businesses here.  This is his lifelong home and he is committeed to making sure that Minneapolis lives up to it's fullest potential.


Mickey knows and understands local business.  As a small business owner with a proven track record, he knows exactly what it takes to create economic success.  "In a very real sense, you, the voter, are the client.  And my specialty is highly professional and responsive customer service"


Ward 9 and its residents have been through a traumatic experience.  In many ways, and for many people, this difficult experience continues.  Mickey will work to help the city focus on rebuilding and reforming our neighborhoods, to revitalize our businesses and reclaim our peace and prosperity.


Mickey is a partner.  We will work together to develop and implement sets of strategies that all the residents understand and agree with.  He will always be available to you, at the local office, at all of the association meetings, and in the neighborhood. This is why he openly advertises and answers his phone.


Mickey has real solutions for the toughest issues we face.  Increasing our Police and Public Safety, Social Justice, the widening Edcuation Gap, Access to Affordable Housing, Childcare, Homelessness, business rehabilitation, expansion and the complete revitalization of our commercial districts, and so much more.


This past year has proven what serious harm can come from a lack or good leadership. Mickey is a proven leader, with experience, dedication and discipline to accomplish the common goals we all share.  We need Mickey, now more than ever. We Need Moore

For everyone who plans to digest this entire website, we trust that you will understand the depth of Mickey's comprehension of our many problems and concerns and his focused committment to making significant changes and meaningful improvements.  The truth is, in Minneapolis, a single city councilmember does not have the authority or the power to independently affect or implement any real change.  However, an intelligent leader, working with the concensus support of his Ward, can influence the Mayoral council into cooperative joint action.  A strong and unified voice can pressure the state legislature, access a widespread media platform to promote necessary agendas, work throughout the ranks of politics to advocate for needed reforms.  Yes. A real leader can do all this and more. 


For decades...generations even, city councilmembers have been paid more and more money every year.  (Many people don't even realize that amount is up to well over 100,000 dollars a year now) to help represent the city of Minneapolis to the residents of their respective wards.  Ruling on building codes, enforcing zoning issues, regulating businesses and helping plan out "improvements" in areas such as traffic and busing.  When what the people have needed all along has been a city council that instead represents the residents of their respective wards to the city.  We don't need high paid politicians, we need real public servants.


Ward 9, now more than ever, must elect someone to act as a professional, unbiased and nonparrtisan advocate for our residents and businesses.  For the specific needs of our area regarding public safety, social justice, our parks, our schools, our problems.  Not someone content to be restricted by the jurisdictional boundaries of the specific job description of a city councilmember, but someone anxious to tackle the larger, more profoundly unlimited duties of a leader.    


Mickey Moore is that person.  He is not beholden to any political party agenda.  He is not reliant on donations and fundraising efforts.  He is not consumed with being re-elected or fulfilling his own personal poltiical ambitions.  He is born and raised in Minneapolis and cares about this city and the people who live here.  He wants every current and future resident to be allowed to enjoy this city, the way it can be, the way it should be.  Just, Tolerant, Vibrant, Safe, Prosperous.  Full of exciting opportunities and unique character.  A city where people can operate safely, conveniently, without trade-offs or personal concessions.  A city where people can feel secure to open new businesses, send their children to the local public schools without jeopardizing their safety or their education.  A city where people can count on respectful and courteous police protection and service, without worrying about being unfairly targeted or violently abused.  A city where people can enjoy the parks without having to explain to their children why they smell, why there's no public restrooms, or why people appear to be living there.  We can have a city that we are all proud of. I know because I grew up in a city like that.  Many of you did.  That's why so many people stay.  It's why so many people came here in the first place. Now, we can have that again, but we will need trusted, proven, experienced and strong leadership to make that happen.  We need honest determination, responsive cooperation and an unwaverng focus on our collective good.  That's why I'm offering myself for this position, and why I'm the person that Ward 9 needs for us to achieve all of these important goals.  

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